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The Hunter Call Of The Wild Console Commands

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How to Use Console Commands in The Hunter Call of the Wild

The Hunter Call of the Wild is a realistic and immersive hunting game that lets you explore vast open worlds and hunt a variety of animals. But did you know that you can also use console commands to customize your experience and access some hidden features

Console commands are special commands that you can type in the game's console, which is a small window that appears when you press the tilde () key on your keyboard. Console commands can let you do things like change the time of day, teleport to different locations, reset all animals in the reserve, and more.

However, not all console commands are available in the normal game mode. Some of them are only accessible in the developer mode, which is a special mode that gives you more control over the game's settings and mechanics. Developer mode is not intended for regular gameplay, so use it at your own risk.

To enable developer mode, you need to edit a file called steam_emu.ini, which is located in the game's installation folder. Open the file with a text editor and change the line that says "EnableConsole = 0" to "EnableConsole = 1". Save the file and restart the game. Now you can access more console commands by pressing F1.

Here are some of the most useful console commands that you can use in The Hunter Call of the Wild:

help: Shows a list of all available console commands.

settime [hour]: Sets the time of day to the specified hour (0-24).

getpos: Shows your current position in the game world.

setpos [x] [y] [z]: Teleports you to the specified coordinates.

resetallanimals: Resets all animals in the reserve to their original locations.

spawnanimal [animal] [amount]: Spawns the specified animal near you. You can choose from deer, bear, moose, fox, rabbit, etc.

killall: Kills all animals in the reserve.

godmode: Makes you invincible.

noclip: Allows you to fly and pass through walls.

speed [multiplier]: Changes your movement speed by the specified multiplier (e.g. 2 for double speed).

Note that some console commands may not work properly or may cause glitches or crashes. Use them at your own discretion and always backup your save files before experimenting with them.

Console commands can be a fun way to enhance your gameplay and explore new possibilities in The Hunter Call of the Wild. Whether you want to change the weather, spawn rare animals, or just mess around, console commands can give you more freedom and flexibility in this amazing hunting game.Here are a few more paragraphs for your article:

Tips and Tricks for The Hunter Call of the Wild

The Hunter Call of the Wild is not an easy game to master. It requires patience, skill, and strategy to hunt down your prey and get the best trophies. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your hunting experience and make it more enjoyable. Here are some of them:

Use the right callers for each animal: Callers are devices that mimic the sounds of animals and attract them to your location. They are very useful for luring animals out of hiding and getting closer shots. However, not all callers work for all animals. You need to use the appropriate caller for each species, otherwise you might scare them away or attract unwanted attention. For example, you can use the Roe Deer Caller for roe deer, fallow deer, and blacktail deer, but not for moose, elk, or red deer. You can check which callers work for which animals in the codex or in the store.

Use scent eliminator and cover scent: Animals have a keen sense of smell and can detect your presence if you are downwind from them. This can make them flee or become alert and harder to approach. To avoid this, you can use scent eliminator and cover scent sprays that mask your odor and make you less detectable. Scent eliminator reduces your scent cone by 75%, while cover scent matches your scent to the environment. You can buy these items in the stor