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Lena K Club Seventeen Full Movie


this film perfectly tells the story of how the team started working together. its not long before the group struggles to decide between indie and indie. the question, which was complicated to answer at that moment, can be easily understood through the relationship of each person who is involved in this project with this challenge of their way of life. independents have to be strong and able to keep their feet on the ground, otherwise they will fail. it is an ambiguous question, because according to the definition of this group, they are independent. they have the ability to do anything they want, but at the same time, they are not. the audience is introduced to this situation with a bit of humor.

in the opening credits, there is a quote from the philosopher ludwig wittgenstein, which is a very interesting and tantalizing start. wittgenstein (the german pronunciation of the first name william) was a philosopher, logician, and mathematician who died in 1951. the quote is from the tractatus logico-philosophicus, where he says that the tractatus is about the pleasure of seeing the whole (wittgenstein, 1991, p. 7). our story revolves around the idea of seeing the whole, and the characters are very much interested in this idea. they find that their story, so far, is about the pleasure of seeing the whole, but the exact meaning of what the whole means is an interesting challenge. it is not unique to the story of the witches to believe that its pleasure comes from seeing everything about the human experience.

as the rough cut of the film was completed, the team wanted to make the story a bit more universal. they believed that people are watching this film because they are familiar with the concept of the witch and know that the character of the witches is special because she is the only one of her kind who is not considered evil, dangerous, or dead. the idea, that this woman is different, fascinated them because what makes people different is the greatest thing about people, according to the witches. 3d9ccd7d82

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