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Scrum Mastery Geoff Watts Pdf 24 [UPDATED]


Scrum Mastery Geoff Watts Pdf 24 [UPDATED]

Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant Leadership by Geoff Watts

Scrum Mastery is a book by Geoff Watts, a highly-respected and experienced Scrum coach, who shares his insights and guidance on how to become a great ScrumMaster. The book covers the skills and characteristics of great ScrumMasters, how to generate and maintain engagement from the team, how to increase the effectiveness of the Scrum meetings, how to foster a more creative and collaborative team, how to increase the performance of the team, and how to know when you are a successful ScrumMaster.

The book is based on Geoff's over ten years of coaching numerous Scrum teams and identifying patterns that separate a good ScrumMaster from a great one. He illustrates these patterns through stories of his own experiences and those of the many Scrum teams he has encountered. He also offers practical advice and exercises for you to apply on your own path to greatness.

Scrum Mastery is for practicing ScrumMasters who want to develop themselves into a great servant-leader capable of taking their teams beyond simple process compliance. The book has received positive reviews and endorsements from leading agile experts such as Mike Cohn, Roman Pichler, Jean Tabaka, and others.

If you are interested in reading Scrum Mastery, you can download a PDF version of the book from this link. You can also find more information about the book and the author on this website.

In this article, we will highlight some of the key points from each chapter of Scrum Mastery and how they can help you become a better ScrumMaster.

Chapter 1: Respected

In this chapter, Geoff explains why respect is essential for a ScrumMaster and how to earn it from the team and the organization. He shares some tips on how to survive the corporate culture, how to hold the team accountable, and how to deal with resistance and conflict.

Chapter 2: Enabling

In this chapter, Geoff discusses how a ScrumMaster can enable the team to be more self-organizing and empowered. He suggests some techniques on how to use the "bulls**t buzzer" to challenge assumptions and biases, how to avoid proxies and communicate directly with stakeholders, and how to assess and improve the team's maturity level.

Chapter 3: Tactful

In this chapter, Geoff explores how a ScrumMaster can be tactful in facilitating the Scrum process and influencing the team's behavior. He illustrates some examples on how to compare different approaches to Scrum, how to estimate and plan effectively, and how to use silence as a powerful tool.

Chapter 4: Resourceful

In this chapter, Geoff describes how a ScrumMaster can be resourceful in finding creative solutions and generating new ideas. He advises some methods on how to invoke creativity in the team, how to make Scrum more fun and engaging, and how to use the ADAPTIVE framework for retrospectives.

Chapter 5: Alternative

In this chapter, Geoff reveals how a ScrumMaster can be alternative in challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ways of working. He recommends some practices on how to develop T-shaped people with cross-functional skills, how to achieve a clear definition of done, and how to review the sprint effectively. 248dff8e21

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