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[S3E11] Double Trouble

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[S3E11] Double Trouble

At night, D.W. grumbles that Tommy Tibble is the nicer Tibble and she wishes that there was only one of him. I had to double check because I always assumed it was Timmy who was the nicer Tibble but Tommy got a whole episode where he was trying to be good so I guess I was wrong.

Lewis is troubled by a recurring dream about Cleo being discovered as a mermaid and Cleo saying that she misses him suggesting that he still cares for her. When Elliot asks Lewis for advice about girls, no one suspects he's planning on asking Kim Sertori out. Cleo and Lewis join the young couple on their first date to the marine park and while it takes Elliot a bit longer to learn his lesson, the chaperones also come away a little wiser...and wetter. Cleo and Lewis realize that their friendship is strong and no relationship can stop that. Cleo gets splashed by water so she jumps into a show pool. Afraid his dream coming true, Lewis has to help her protect her secret; he does so by finding the orange bear Kim threw into the river and claiming that's what looked like Cleo's orange tail, later Cleo thanks him and they have a very awkward intimate moment which is disrupted by Charlotte. Meanwhile, Emma gets the wrong idea about Rikki's secret meetings with Ash which were actually intended to give her an award.

Lolly is scared of Alex when the latter approaches her in the bathroom. Lolly is still convinced Alex works for the NSA, and Alex convinces her that she is CIA and a double agent, which is why she hit Lolly.

The next day, Bashir lies sleeping near the entrance to one of the buildings. Sisko wakes him, bringing a bowl with scrambled eggs and a piece of bread. Bashir promises never to complain about Deep Space 9's Cardassian beds again. Sisko apologizes for the fact that the distribution point ran out of both utensils and napkins, which doesn't surprise Bashir. After they eat, they visit the building where they were turned away previously and find the same group of men guarding it. They ask for their permission just to see the roof and reassure the men that they do not plan to cause trouble. While the leader (the same one who turned them away earlier) empathizes, he and the other residents feel that they have to protect what is theirs. Sisko asks if they could trade anything to access to the roof, but as neither he nor Bashir has anything of value, they are out of luck. The leader again suggests they try another building. One of the other men whispers in the leaders ear as Bashir and Sisko begin to walk off, and the leader hesitantly informs Sisko that they may be able to make a deal after all.

Michael attempts to impart the lessons of his vacation, displaying to the staff a photograph of a sign in Jamaica reading: "No shirt, no shoes, no problem". An astounded Pam notices Jan in the margins of the photo and points it out to her colleagues. Michael states to the camera that Jan didn't want anyone to know they travelled together since it may get them both in trouble. He then reveals he and Jan had an affair in Jamaica.

For example: when the crew is having trouble talking to a planet, when someone is on a ship getting attacked and their communication keeps breaking up, when an alien-virus invades the ship, when someone gets stuck trying to teleport somewhere... et cetera. Also, general technology/screens, especially when detailing paleofuturism.

At school the next day, Jude visits Lena and is introduced to Monte, the new head principal. When asked why he is there, Jude nervously says he wants to talk about Connor. Later on, it is revealed that Connor has a black eye and refuses to explain how he got it. Jude had gone to Lena under suspicion that he may have gotten it from his dad. At home, Jude talks to Stef and Lena about the situation. He recalls how he told Connor his dad would be upset upon learning they shared a tent together. He also suggests they end their friendship given the trouble it has caused Connor. However,

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