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Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay PDF in Marathi Free Download - A Divine and Miraculous Prayer of Lord Shiva

Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay PDF in Marathi Free Download - A Divine and Miraculous Prayer of Lord Shiva

Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay is one of the most beautiful and important prayers of Lord Shiva. It was written by Sant Shridhar Swami Nazarekar in the 18th century. He also composed Shivlilamrut, a divine and miraculous book of Lord Shiva's leelas or divine acts.

shivlilamrut 11 adhyay pdf in marathi free download

Sant Shridhar Swami Nazarekar was a famous and popular Marathi poet. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and wrote many poems and songs in praise of him. He also wrote commentaries on various scriptures and was well-versed in Vedanta, Yoga, and Tantra.

In Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay, he describes the glory and benefits of wearing Rudraksha beads, which are sacred seeds of a tree that are associated with Lord Shiva. He says that those who wear Rudraksha beads and apply Vibhuti or sacred ash on their body are blessed by Lord Shiva and attain happiness, peace, and prosperity in their lives. He also says that those who recite Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay daily with devotion get the grace and favor of Lord Shiva and fulfill their desires easily.

Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay also contains some stories from Linga Purana and Shiva Purana that illustrate the power and miracles of Rudraksha beads. One such story is about King Bhadrasen of Kashmir, who was a righteous and wise ruler. He had a beautiful and faithful wife, a son named Sudharma, who was a scholar and virtuous, and a friend named Parashar, who was a sage and a master of all sciences.

King Bhadrasen's son Sudharma and Parashar's son Tarak were both great devotees of Lord Shiva. They wore Rudraksha beads and applied Vibhuti on their body. They loved to stay in solitude and listen to Shivlilamrut. They chanted the names of Lord Shiva and performed his worship daily. They did not care for worldly pleasures or ornaments. They gave away their clothes and jewels to Brahmins and asked for Shiva Diksha or initiation into the worship of Lord Shiva.

King Bhadrasen and Parashar were worried about their sons' behavior. They tried to persuade them to follow the normal way of life, but they did not listen. They wondered what to do with them. Then one day, Lord Shiva appeared before them in his glorious form. He told them that their sons were his dear devotees and that they should not worry about them. He said that he would bless them with all kinds of boons and make them happy in this world and the next.

He also praised King Bhadrasen and Parashar for their good deeds and devotion. He said that they were fortunate to have such sons who were immersed in his love. He said that he would always protect them and their kingdom from all dangers. He then disappeared after blessing them all.

King Bhadrasen and Parashar were overjoyed by the vision of Lord Shiva. They realized the greatness of Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay and Rudraksha beads. They also started wearing Rudraksha beads and applying Vibhuti on their body. They recited Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay daily with devotion. They became more prosperous, peaceful, and happy than ever before.

This is just one example of how Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay can transform your life with the grace of Lord Shiva. If you want to experience the same, you can download Shivlilamrut 11 Adhyay PDF in Marathi for free from the links given below:

  • Shivlilamrut Adhyay 11 PDF In Marathi - Panot Book


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