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The Vagrant Cosplay Album: A Stunning Showcase of the Game's Characters

The Vagrant Cosplay Album: A Stunning Showcase of the Game's Characters

If you are a fan of The Vagrant, the 2D action RPG by O.T.K Games and SakuraGame, you might be interested in checking out the Cosplay Album for the game. This DLC contains high-quality photos of four famous Chinese cosplayers dressed as the game's main characters: Vivian, Valerie, Holborn, and Annemarie.

The Vagrant Cosplay Album Free Download [FULL]

The Vagrant is a game that features hand-painted, traditionally animated characters and backgrounds, as well as a fluid and challenging combat system. The game follows the story of Vivian, a traveling sellsword who is searching for her lost father and the truth about her bloodline. Along the way, she encounters various allies and enemies, as well as a dark secret that threatens the world of Mythrilia.

The Cosplay Album is a tribute to the game's art style and character design, as well as a way to appreciate the cosplayers' talent and dedication. The cosplayers are:

  • Vivian: Cosplayed byãæä æææåã, who captures Vivian's fierce and confident personality.

  • Valerie: Cosplayed byãæäèèã, who portrays Valerie's elegant and mysterious charm.

  • Holborn: Cosplayed byãæéææã, who brings Holborn's cheerful and adventurous spirit to life.

  • Annemarie: Cosplayed byãèçtakoã, who recreates Annemarie's cute and innocent appearance.

The Cosplay Album can be purchased on Steam for $1.99[^3^], or as part of The Vagrant Bundle that includes the base game and the Artbook for $7.97[^2^]. However, if you want to get it for free, you can download it from our website using the link below. Just enter your email address and we will send you a download link for the full Cosplay Album. Hurry up, this offer is only valid for a limited time!

The Vagrant Cosplay Album Free Download [FULL]

If you are wondering whether The Vagrant is worth playing, you might want to read some of the reviews from critics and players who have tried the game. The game has received mostly positive feedback on Steam[^2^] and Metacritic[^3^], with an average user score of 8.5 out of 10 on the latter. Here are some of the highlights from the reviews:

"The Vagrant feels great to play and is very satisfying. The story is serviceable, not bad but not especially good either. Art style is very pretty, though some animations can look a little stiff." - Metacritic user review[^1^]

"A solid 2D side-scrolling action RPG with engaging combat and charming art style. The Vagrant introduces Vivianâs journey in Mystery Island named Mythrilia. This 2016 kickstarter project is heavily inspired from Dragon's Crown, Oboro Muramasa, and Castlevania X in term of gameplay and art direction." - Gamehag review[^4^]

"The Vagrant is by no means a perfect 2D hack 'n' slashing action-adventure/RPG-lite. There are far better alternatives out there - alternatives that are much more challenging than this walk in the park, by the way. It's still a very solid game, however." - OpenCritic review[^5^]

As you can see, The Vagrant is a game that appeals to fans of 2D action RPGs, especially those who enjoy a fluid and satisfying combat system, a gorgeous hand-painted art style, and a variety of weapons, skills, and equipment to customize your character. The game also offers multiple endings, a monsterpedia, and fast travel options to enhance your gameplay experience.

If you are interested in playing The Vagrant, you can buy it on Steam for only $0.79 until May 4th[^2^]. That's a huge discount from its original price of $3.99. And don't forget to download the Cosplay Album for free from our website to see some amazing cosplay photos of the game's characters. e0e6b7cb5c