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New Jersey Phone Company

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New Jersey Phone Company

Verizon New Jersey, Inc., formerly New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, is the Bell Operating Company serving the U.S. state of New Jersey. In 1984, the Bell System Divestiture split New Jersey Bell off into a Regional Bell Operating Company, along with the 21 other BOCs AT&T had a majority stake in. On January 1, 1984, New Jersey Bell became part of Bell Atlantic.

New Jersey Bell was founded in 1904 as an AT&T company serving southern New Jersey, named Delaware and Atlantic Telegraph & Telephone Company. New York Telephone served northern New Jersey. In October 1927, D&A T&T changed its name to New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, and purchased the New Jersey properties of New York Telephone which had belonged to New York and New Jersey Telephone and Telegraph.[1]

The Division of Telecommunications oversees the performance of the telephone companies, under the Board's jurisdiction. It is responsible for developing a framework for competition while also investigating the prices and conditions of company offerings to the public. The Division regularly deals with issues concerning the prices to be paid by competitive telecommunications companies that need to lease portions of the existing telephone network to provide service to their customers. Monitoring the need for new area codes, investigating ways to conserve the use of telephone numbers and overseeing the level of service quality are additional areas of responsibility. The Division will also assist in resolving disputes when companies cannot agree on rates, terms and conditions of service. The Division is comprised of two Bureaus: Market Structure and Engineering and Rates.

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Over 95 million people in the US are still using a landline for their home phone service. However, with so many providers on the market, choosing the best home phone provider can feel a bit overwhelming.

Wireless landline uses cell towers to connect calls, eliminating the need for physical connections like wires. You can get wireless landline service, and even keep the types of landline phones you are accustomed to, but with the benefits of a cell phone!

VoIP home phone service is a newer type of landline service that uses the internet to connect your phone to the telephone network. Some of us have actually switched from a hard-wired analog system to a VoIP home service provider without even knowing it!

Traditional copper-wire phone service is the most common type of landline service in the US. This is the good ole "Ma Bell" system (as in the Bell System named after Alexander Graham Bell for you millennials) that has existed in the US for decades.

This type of service uses a physical telephone line to connect your home or business to the telephone network. Copper-wire phone service is typically provided by local phone companies and is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The Government's Lifeline program offers phone service discounts to eligible low-income customers, including seniors. The program is available in most states, and eligible customers can receive a discount on their landline or cell phone service.

If you're looking for traditional landline phone service in New Jersey the type of phone service provided through copper wires and phone jacks in your wall you won't be able to find it in New Jersey for much longer.

In fact, by a 2019 FCC order (FCC Order 10-721A), traditional landline phone service will not be available anywhere in the country starting on August 2, 2022. All copper wire landline service provided by traditional carriers in the country will be replaced with internet-based service, such as FiOS or other VoIP providers.

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