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Alias J.J.


Alias J.J.

Velásquez was identified as one of the foremost hitmen of the Medellín cartel. He confessed to 257 personal killings, the kidnapping of then-candidate for mayor of Bogotá, Andrés Pastrana Arango (who would later become the President of the Republic), the kidnapping of Francisco Santos (who would later become vice president), kidnapping and murder of Colombian politician Carlos Mauro Hoyos, complicity in the murder of the governor of Antioquia, Antonio Roldán Betancur, in a failed mission entrusted to Velásquez and John Jairo Arias Tascón, alias "Pinina", to kill a police colonel, and the killing of politician and Presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento.[5] He also admitted to arranging over 3,000 killings.[6] He also helped to plan the plane bombing that killed 110 people.[4] 781b155fdc

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