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Crack The Code Wheeler Dealers Fixed

How to Crack the Code of Wheeler Dealers and Save Money on Your Next Car Purchase

Wheeler Dealers is a popular TV show that features car enthusiast and former dealer Mike Brewer and his team of mechanics who buy, restore and sell classic cars on a budget. The show has been running since 2003 and has aired in the UK, the US and other countries around the world

crack the code wheeler dealers

But what if you want to follow in their footsteps and find your own bargain car to fix up and flip? How do you crack the code of Wheeler Dealers and save money on your next car purchase? Here are some tips and tricks from the experts on how to find and fix classic cars without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Before you start looking for a car, you need to do some research on what kind of car you want, how much it is worth, what are the common problems and how much it will cost to repair them. You can use online resources such as websites, forums, magazines, books and videos to learn more about different makes and models of cars. You can also check out previous episodes of Wheeler Dealers to see what kind of cars they have worked on and how they have fixed them.

Tip #2: Set a Budget

Once you have an idea of what kind of car you want, you need to set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on buying and restoring it. You should also factor in the costs of insurance, taxes, registration, fuel and maintenance. You should aim to buy a car that is below your budget so that you have some room for unexpected expenses or repairs. You should also have a realistic expectation of how much you can sell the car for after you have fixed it up. You dont want to end up losing money on your project.

Tip #3: Find a Car

The next step is to find a car that matches your criteria and budget. You can use various sources such as online classifieds, auctions, dealerships, scrapyards, friends or family members to look for potential cars. You should always inspect the car carefully before you buy it, checking for signs of rust, damage, leaks, wear and tear, missing parts or faulty components. You should also test drive the car if possible and ask for any service history or documentation. You should avoid buying a car that has been modified or customized too much as it may affect its value or performance.

Tip #4: Fix It Up

After you have bought your car, you need to fix it up and make it roadworthy and attractive. You can use your own skills and tools or hire a professional mechanic to help you with the repairs. You should prioritize fixing any mechanical or safety issues first before moving on to cosmetic or performance upgrades. You should also try to use original or compatible parts whenever possible as they will retain the value and authenticity of the car. You should avoid overdoing it with unnecessary or flashy modifications as they may turn off potential buyers.

Tip #5: Sell It On

The final step is to sell your car and make a profit. You can use various channels such as online platforms, newspapers, magazines, word-of-mouth or car shows to advertise your car and reach potential buyers. You should take good photos and write an honest and detailed description of your car, highlighting its features, history and condition. You should also set a fair price that reflects the market value and the work you have done on the car. You should be prepared to negotiate with buyers and answer any questions they may have about your car.


Cracking the code of Wheeler Dealers is not impossible if you follow these tips and tricks from the experts. By doing your research, setting a budget, finding a car, fixing it up and selling it on, you can save money on your next car purchase and enjoy the thrill of restoring and flipping classic cars. c481cea774