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The Soulful Sounds Of Bobbi Humphrey: Fancy Dancer In High Quality FLAC

Bobbi Humphrey - Fancy Dancer: A Jazz-Funk Classic in High Quality FLAC

Bobbi Humphrey is a jazz flutist who rose to fame in the 1970s with her distinctive style of blending jazz, funk, soul, and Latin rhythms. She was the first female instrumentalist signed by Blue Note Records, and one of the most popular artists on the label. Her 1975 album Fancy Dancer is widely regarded as one of her best works, and a masterpiece of jazz-funk fusion.

The Soulful Sounds of Bobbi Humphrey: Fancy Dancer in High Quality FLAC

Fancy Dancer was produced by Larry Mizell and Chuck Davis, who also worked with Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, and Johnny Hammond. The album features Humphrey's expressive flute playing over groovy arrangements that combine synthesizers, horns, strings, harp, and vocals. The album includes seven tracks that showcase Humphrey's versatility and creativity, such as the Latin-flavored "Uno Esta", the funky "The Trip", the smooth "You Make Me Feel So Good", the title track "Fancy Dancer", the exotic "Mestizo Eyes", the catchy "Sweeter Than Sugar", and the soulful "Please Set Me At Ease".

Fancy Dancer was originally released in 1975 on vinyl and cassette, and was reissued in 2008 on CD with remastered sound. The CD version also features a high quality FLAC format, which preserves the original sound quality of the album without any loss or compression. The FLAC format is ideal for audiophiles who want to enjoy the album in its full glory.

In this article, we will review some of the highlights of Fancy Dancer, and explore why it is still a relevant and influential album today.

"Uno Esta"

The opening track of Fancy Dancer sets the tone for the rest of the album with its upbeat and infectious groove. The song begins with a catchy keyboard riff that is joined by a funky bass line, hand drums, and guitar. Humphrey enters with her flute melody that floats over the rhythm section. The song features a horn arrangement by Larry Mizell that adds some color and punch to the mix. The chorus consists of a vocal group that sings "Uno esta" (Spanish for "one is") in harmony. The song also showcases Humphrey's soloing skills as she takes three breaks that display her range, tone, and technique. The song ends with a fade out that leaves the listener wanting more.

"The Trip"

The second track of Fancy Dancer is a more laid-back and atmospheric piece that creates a mood of mystery and adventure. The song starts with a wah-wah guitar effect that is followed by a drum break and three different synth lines that create a spacey vibe. Humphrey plays some flute fills that weave in and out of the keyboards. A Rhodes piano enters and adds some warmth and depth to the sound. The song features a guitar solo by Craig McMullen that adds some edge and contrast to the smooth texture. Humphrey also takes a solo that showcases her improvisational skills and melodic sense. The song ends with a fade out that leaves a sense of wonder.

"Fancy Dancer"

The title track of Fancy Dancer is a more upbeat and energetic piece that showcases Humphrey's flair for jazz-funk fusion. The song begins with a vocal chorus that sings "Fancy dancer" in harmony over a funky bass line and drums. Humphrey plays her flute melody that matches the vocal line. The song features an arrangement by Jerry Peters that includes synthesizers, horns, strings, and harp. The song also features a vibes solo by Roger Glenn that adds some sparkle and sophistication to the groove. Humphrey takes a solo that demonstrates her agility and expression on the flute. The song ends with a fade out that leaves a sense of fun and excitement.


Fancy Dancer is an album that showcases Bobbi Humphrey's talent and vision as a jazz flutist who embraced funk, soul, and Latin influences. The album features stellar production by Larry Mizell and Chuck Davis, who created rich and diverse arrangements that complemented Humphrey's flute playing. The album also features some of the best musicians of the era who added their skills and creativity to the mix. The album is available in FLAC format, 04f6b60f66