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How to Unlock Your iPhone with SAMprefs on PC for Free

How to Unlock Your iPhone with SAMprefs on PC for Free

If you have an iPhone that is locked to a specific carrier, you might be wondering how to unlock it and use it with any SIM card. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do that is by using SAMprefs, a software tool that can spoof your iPhone's activation status and trick iTunes into unlocking it.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install SAMprefs on your PC, how to connect your iPhone to your computer and run the unlocking process, and how to verify that your iPhone is unlocked. Follow these simple steps and enjoy your freedom!

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Step 1: Download and Install SAMprefs on Your PC

The first thing you need to do is to download SAMprefs on your PC. SAMprefs is a free software tool that can be found on various websites, but we recommend you to use the official link from the developer's website. Here is the link:

Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the installation. You will need to restart your computer after the installation is done.

Step 2: Connect Your iPhone to Your PC and Run SAMprefs

Now that you have installed SAMprefs on your PC, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your iPhone is turned on and has a SIM card inserted. You don't need to have iTunes open for this step.

Once you have connected your iPhone, run SAMprefs from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut. You will see a window like this:

In this window, you need to select your iPhone model, your original carrier, and your country from the drop-down menus. Then click on the "Spoof Activation" button. This will start the unlocking process, which may take a few minutes. You will see a progress bar and some messages on the screen.

When the process is finished, you will see a message saying "Congratulations! Your iPhone is now unlocked!" You can close SAMprefs and disconnect your iPhone from your PC.

Step 3: Verify That Your iPhone is Unlocked

To verify that your iPhone is unlocked, you need to insert a different SIM card from another carrier and see if it works. You may need to reboot your iPhone after inserting the new SIM card.

If your iPhone recognizes the new SIM card and shows the network signal, then congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your iPhone with SAMprefs for free!

If your iPhone does not recognize the new SIM card or shows an error message, then something went wrong during the unlocking process. You may need to repeat the steps above or try a different method of unlocking.


SAMprefs is a free and easy way to unlock your iPhone with a PC. It can spoof your iPhone's activation status and trick iTunes into unlocking it. All you need is a PC, a USB cable, and a SIM card from another carrier.

We hope this article helped you unlock your iPhone with SAMprefs on PC for free. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through our website. We will be happy to help you! 29c81ba772

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